We work with a wide range of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organizations from all over the world. We are proud that most of our work is repeat business, demonstrating our commitment to clients, and their confidence in us producing the deliverables on time and to a high standard. Below are the testimonials we have received so far.

Boehringer Ingelheim
"Shafi Consultancy did some very complex and important data transformations for us for high profile multiple trials. He managed the communications between the functions as well as the validation of the programming with his team during these very tight timelines. He was able to coordinate this communication between multiple countries and come up with creative solutions with the team to complete the job on time. We will be happy to consider Shafi Consultancy again in the future."


Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
"Shafi Consultancy analysed a very large and complex database for us, a task that we consider challenging enough to justify Shafi's inclusion as second author of the resultant publication. We would certainly consider Shafi Consultancy again if a similar need should arise."


Pharma Projekthaus
"We have worked with Shafi Consultancy on several occasions and we found the service very professional and flexible. From validation of tables, listings and figures to responding to FDA questions at short notice under extremely short timelines, Shafi Consultancy has helped our client, a leading pharmaceutical organisation, meet all their timelines. We will be happy to work with Shafi Consultancy again in the future."


IMS Health
"Shafi Consultancy supported us with essential data transformations and analyses that ensured we met our project timelines. We especially appreciated the availability of Shafi's team at short notice and the high-quality of the produced outcomes. We would certainly consider Shafi Consultancy again in the future."


PRMA Consulting
"Shafi ran a bespoke SAS training session for a small group of us to brush up on SAS skills and help transition to SAS from other packages (STATA / SPSS).  The level he pitched this at was just perfect and kept us all engaged for the entire day.  We were really pleased with the way he taught by using examples and was able to answer any and all questions with ease.  We will certainly be looking at the online training modules and other more tailored options as we move forward.  A great service and it’s been a very positive interaction."