Boehringer Ingelheim
"Shafi Consultancy did some very complex and important data transformations for us for high profile multiple trials..."
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F. Hoffmann-La Roche
"Shafi Consultancy analysed a very large and complex database for us... "
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"...responding to FDA questions at short notice under extremely short timelines, Shafi Consultancy has helped our client ... meet all their timelines..."
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IMS Health
"Shafi Consultancy supported us with essential data transformations and analyses that ensured we met our project timelines...."
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PRMA Consulting
"Shafi ran a bespoke SAS training session for a small group of us to...."
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SAS/R validation

Our team of experienced SAS programmers armed with our internal generic macros means we can validate tables, figures and listings using double programming very quickly.

We have provided this service to meet timelines for regulatory questions as well as part of the standard QC process of our clients.

We can also assess the standard of SAS programming of an individual or a group then discuss the weaknesses and provide a tailor made training program.

We also validate CDISC format data produced by the client, or validate tables produced from CDISC format data. Where tables were produced prior to CDISC transformation, we can produce CDISC standard datasets and reproduce the tables to ensure the results do not change.

In addition to data specific programming, we can also validate generic macros written by our clients. We develop test cases, expected outcomes and perform the time consuming task of testing all the agreed combinations to ensure the macro is robust and validated for all our clients' needs.