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"Shafi Consultancy did some very complex and important data transformations for us for high profile multiple trials..."
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F. Hoffmann-La Roche
"Shafi Consultancy analysed a very large and complex database for us... "
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"...responding to FDA questions at short notice under extremely short timelines, Shafi Consultancy has helped our client ... meet all their timelines..."
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IMS Health
"Shafi Consultancy supported us with essential data transformations and analyses that ensured we met our project timelines...."
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PRMA Consulting
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NONMEM and WinNonLin

NONMEM dataset: Delivered in time so your report can influence decisions.

NONMEM dataset and WinNonLin dataset generation have been a core service of Shafi Consultancy since 2001. Our dedicated NONMEM team and experience in NONMEM dataset generation over the years means we understand the raw data and know what issues can come up; we understand NONMEM dataset and know which values can cause problems. The result is that we not only provide the NONMEM dataset but also reports that give you a full overview of the data you are receiving. Reports on all covariates including a summary of issues, a report on traceability so that you can trace every record from raw data to the NONMEM dataset, and individual patient profiles that allow you to visually review data from all patients and see if anything stands out. The NONMEM dataset, summary tables and patient profiles are all independently validated to ensure they are of the highest quality, and all data issues are documented.

We also provide template specifications that ensure consistency and quality across studies. Together with the use of our standard macros, it means that you receive quality NONMEM dataset very quickly with a full overview of the dataset, allowing you to start your analysis at the earliest possible moment.


  • First NONMEM dataset delivered within 3 weeks
  • Standard approach ensures consistency across trials
  • Standard validation process ensures the highest quality
  • Patient profiles, summary tables and listings available
  • Interactive Presentation Tool available to visualize the data
  • Standardization leading to speed, consistency and quality

NONMEM and WinNonLin service

  • Over 15 years experience in generating NONMEM datasets
  • Standard programs based on SDTM dataset for quick delivery
  • Template NONMEM dataset specification can be provided
  • Independent validation of the NONMEM dataset
  • Traceability report from SDTM data to NONMEM dataset
  • Summary of all data is provided with each version

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